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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they launch
    he / she / it launches
    past simple launched
    -ing form launching
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  1. 1launch something to start an activity, especially an organized one to launch an appeal/an investigation/a campaign to launch an attack/invasion
  2. 2launch something to make a product available to the public for the first time a party to launch his latest novel The new model will be launched in July.
  3. 3launch something to put a ship or boat into the water, especially one that has just been built The Navy is to launch a new warship today. The lifeboat was launched immediately.
  4. 4launch something to send something such as a spacecraft, weapon, etc. into space, into the sky, or through water to launch a communications satellite to launch a missile/rocket/torpedo
  5. 5launch yourself at, from, etc. something launch yourself forward, etc. to jump forward with a lot of force Without warning he launched himself at me. (figurative) She launched herself on the rock world with an amazing album.
  6. 6launch something (computing) to start a computer program You can launch programs and documents from your keyboard. It's not the fastest way to launch an application.
  7. Phrasal Verbslaunch into somethinglaunch out
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