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determiner, pronoun
the least
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  •  smallest in size, amount, degree, etc. He's the best teacher, even though he has the least experience. She never had the least idea what to do about it. He gave (the) least of all toward the wedding present. How others see me is the least of my worries (= I have more important things to worry about). It's the least I can do to help (= I feel I should do more).
  • Idioms
    at the (very) least
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    used after amounts to show that the amount is the lowest possible It'll take a year, at the very least.
    the less/least said the better
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    the best thing to do is say as little as possible about something
    not in the least
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    not at all Really, I'm not in the least tired. “Do you mind if I put the television on?” “No, not in the least.”
    to say the least
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    without exaggerating at all I was surprised, to say the least.
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