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determiner, pronoun
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  •  used with noncountable nouns to mean “a smaller amount of” less butter/time/importance He was advised to smoke fewer cigarettes and drink less beer. We have less to worry about now. It is less of a problem thanI expected. The victory was nothing less than a miracle.
  • People often use less with countable nouns:There were less cars on the road then.This is not considered correct by some people, and fewer should be used instead.
    less and less
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    smaller and smaller amounts As time passed, she saw less and less of all her old friends at home.
    less is more (saying)
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    include only what is essential in order to create an effective product or result His simple, elegant paintings reflect his principle that less is more.
    no less (often ironic)
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    used to suggest that something is surprising or impressive She's having lunch with the director, no less.
    no less than…
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    used to emphasize a large amount The guide contains details of no less than 115 hiking routes.
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