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  1. 1an arm or a leg; a similar part of an animal, such as a wing an artificial limb For a while, she lost the use of her limbs.
  2. 2-limbed (in adjectives) having the type of limbs mentioned long-limbed loose-limbed
  3. 3a large branch of a tree
  4. Idioms
    out on a limb (informal)
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    not supported by other people Are you prepared to go out on a limb (= risk doing something that other people are not prepared to do) and make your suspicions public? His controversial stance has left him out on a limb.
    risk life and limb, risk your neck
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    to risk being killed or injured in order to do something She risked life and limb to save her children from the fire.
    tear/rip somebody limb from limb (often humorous)
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    to attack someone very violently
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