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  1. 1a shape like a curve or circle made by a line curving all the way around and crossing itself The road went in a huge loop around the lake. Duclair is a small town on a loop of the River Seine.
  2. 2a piece of rope, wire, etc. in the shape of a curve or circle He tied a loop of rope around his arm. Make a loop in the string. a belt loop (= on pants, etc. for holding a belt in place)
  3. 3a strip of film or tape on which the pictures and sound are repeated continuously The film is on a loop. (figurative) His mind kept turning in an endless loop.
  4. 4(computing) a set of instructions that is repeated again and again until a particular condition is satisfied
  5. 5a complete circuit for electrical current
  6. 6the Loop (informal) the business center of the city of Chicago
  7. Idioms
    in the loop, out of the loop (informal)
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    part of a group of people that is dealing with something important; not part of this group A lot of people want to be in the loop on this operation. Lawton had gradually been cut out of the loop on legal reviews.
    knock/throw somebody for a loop (informal)
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    to shock or surprise someone The result of the election knocked most people for a loop.
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