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    (luckier, luckiest)
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  1. 1having good luck synonym fortunate lucky (to do something) His friend was killed and he knows he is lucky to be alive. She was lucky enough to be chosen for the team. lucky (that…) You were lucky (that) you spotted the danger in time. You can think yourself lucky you didn't get mugged. She counted herself lucky that she still had a job. Mark is one of the lucky ones—he at least has somewhere to sleep. the lucky winners
  2. 2lucky (for somebody) (that…) being the result of good luck It was lucky for us that we were able to go. That was the luckiest escape of my life. a lucky guess
  3. 3bringing good luck a lucky charm
  4. Idioms
    lucky you, me, etc. (informal)
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    used to show that you think someone is lucky to have something, be able to do something, etc. “I'm off to Paris.” “Lucky you!”
    strike (it) lucky (informal)
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    to have good luck We certainly struck it lucky with the weather.
    thank your lucky stars
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    to feel very grateful and lucky about something Just thank your lucky stars you weren't in the house at the time.
    you, etc. should be so lucky (informal)
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    used to tell someone that they will probably not get what they are hoping for, and may not deserve it
adverb luckily (for somebody) Luckily for us, the train was late. Luckily, I am a good swimmer.
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