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  1. 1shining in the dark; giving out light luminous paint luminous hands on a clock staring with huge luminous eyes (figurative) the luminous quality of the music
  2. 2very bright in color They painted the door a luminous green. Thesaurusbrightbrilliant vivid vibrantThese words all describe things that are shining or full of light or colors that are strong and easy to see.bright full of light; shining strongly; (of colors) strong and easy to see:a bright yellow dressbrilliant very bright:The sky was a brilliant blue.vivid (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:His eyes were a vivid green.vibrant (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:The room was decorated in vibrant blues and greens.vivid or vibrant?These two words are very similar, but vivid emphasizes how bright a color is, while vibrant suggests a more lively and exciting color or combination of colors.Patterns bright/brilliant/vivid/vibrant colors bright/brilliant light/sunlight/sunshine/eyes
adverb Her eyes were large and luminously black.
noun [singular, uncountable] The moon was shining enough to give a ghostly luminosity to the buildings that crowded both sides of the narrow street.
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