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    of servants
  1. 1(old-fashioned) a man who has people working for him, often as servants in his home They lived in fear of their master.
  2. person in control
  3. 2master of something a person who is able to control something She was no longer master of her own future.
  4. skilled person
  5. 3master (of something) a person who is skilled at something a master of disguise a master of the serve-and-volley game see also past master
  6. dog owner
  7. 4the owner of a dog The dog saved its master's life.
  8. university degree
  9. 5master's (also master's degree) a second university degree, such as an M.A. or an M.S. He has a Master's in Business Administration. see also M.A., M.B.A., M.S.
  10. 6Master a person who has a master's degree a Master of Arts/Science
  11. captain of ship
  12. 7the captain of a ship that transports goods
  13. famous painter
  14. 8a famous painter who lived in the past an exhibition of work by the French master Monet see also old master
  15. original CD/movie
  16. 9(often used as an adjective) a version of a CD, movie, etc. from which copies are made the master copy
  17. title
  18. 10Master (old-fashioned) a title used when speaking to or about a boy who is too young to be called Mr. (also used in front of the name on an envelope, etc.)
  19. 11Master a title used for speaking to or about some religious teachers or leaders There are many other compounds ending in master. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
  20. Idioms
    be your own master
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    to be free to make your own decisions rather than being told what to do by someone else
    serve two masters
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    (usually used in negative sentences) to support two opposing parties, principles, etc. at the same time
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