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Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they mention
he / she / it mentions
past simple mentioned
-ing form mentioning
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  •  to write or speak about something or someone, especially without giving much information mention something/somebody (to somebody) Nobody mentioned anything to me about it. Sorry, I won't mention it again. Now that you mention it, she did seem to be in a strange mood. mention something/somebody as something/somebody His name has been mentioned as a future mayor. mention where, why, etc… Did she mention where she was going? mention that… You mentioned in your letter that you might be moving to Albuquerque. He failed to mention that he was the one who started the fight. mention doing something Did I mention going to see Vicky on Sunday? see also above-mentioned, aforementioned
  • Thesaurusmentionrefer to somebody/something speak of/about somebody/something cite quoteThese words all mean to write or speak about someone or something, often in order to give an example or prove something.mention to write or speak about someone or something, especially without giving much information:Nobody mentioned anything to me about the party.refer to somebody/something (somewhat formal) to mention or speak about someone or something:I promised not to refer to the matter again.speak of/about somebody/something to mention or describe someone or something:Witnesses spoke of a great ball of flame.cite (formal) to mention something as a reason or an example, or in order to support what you are saying:She cited her heavy workload as the reason for her breakdown.quote to mention an example of something to support what you are saying:Can you quote me an instance of this happening?cite or quote?You can cite reasons or examples, but you can only quote examples:She quoted her heavy workload as the reason for her breakdown.Cite is a more formal word than quote and is often used in more formal situations, for example in descriptions of legal cases.Patterns to mention/refer to/speak of/cite/quote somebody/something as somebody/something to mention/refer to/cite/quote a(n) example/instance/case of something frequently/often mentioned/referred to/spoken of/cited/quoted the example mentioned/referred to/cited/quoted above/earlier/previouslyIdioms
    don't mention it (informal)
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    used as a polite answer when someone has thanked you for something “Thanks for all your help.” “Don't mention it.” synonym you're welcome
    not to mention
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    used to introduce extra information and emphasize what you are saying He has a New York apartment and a large country house, not to mention his villa in France.
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