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    (milder, mildest)
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  1. 1not severe or strong a mild form of the disease a mild punishment/criticism It's safe to take a mild sedative. Use a soap that is mild to the skin.
  2. 2(of weather) not very cold, and therefore pleasant the mildest winter since records began a mild climate compare hard
  3. 3(of feelings) not great or extreme synonym slight mild irritation/amusement/disapproval a mild state of shock She looked at him in mild surprise.
  4. 4(of people or their behavior) gentle and kind; not usually getting angry or violent synonym equable a mild woman, who never shouted
  5. 5(of a flavor) not strong, spicy, or bitter mild salsa mild cheese opposite hot
noun [uncountable] the mildness of a sunny spring day her mildness of manner

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