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  1. 1the white liquid produced by cows, goats, and some other animals as food for their babies and used as a drink by humans a pint/gallon of milk a bottle/carton of milk fresh/dried/powdered milk Do you take milk in your tea? milk products (= butter, cheese, etc.) see also buttermilk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, malted milk, skim milk, whole milk
  2. 2the white liquid that is produced by women and female mammals for feeding their babies breast milk
  3. 3the white juice of some plants and trees, especially the coconut see also soy milk
  4. Idioms
    cry over spilled milk
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    to waste time worrying about something that has happened that you cannot do anything about As the saying goes —it's no use crying over spilled milk.
    the land of milk and honey
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    a place where life is pleasant and easy and people are very happy He dreamed of emigrating to America—the land of milk and honey.
    the milk of human kindness (literary)
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    kind behavior, considered to be natural to humans
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