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  1. 1a building fitted with machinery for grinding grain into flour see also watermill, windmill
  2. 2(often in compounds) a factory that produces a particular type of material a cotton/cloth/steel/paper mill mill owners/workers see also rolling mill, sawmill Thesaurusfactoryplant mill works yard workshop/shop foundryThese are all words for buildings or places where things are made or where industrial processes take place.factory a building or group of buildings where goods are made:a chocolate/cigarette/clothing factoryplant a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place:a nuclear power plant a manufacturing plant a bottling plantmill a factory that produces a particular type of material:a steel/cotton/paper/textile/woolen millworks (often in compounds) a place where things are made or an industrial process takes place:a brickworks a steelworks Raw materials were carried to the works by rail.yard (usually in compounds) an area of land used for building something:a shipyardworkshop/shop a room or building in which things are made or repaired using tools or machinery:a car repair shop a sheet metal workshopfoundry a factory where metal or glass is melted and made into different shapes or objects:an iron foundryPatterns a car/chemical/munitions factory/plant an engineering plant/(work)shop to manage/run a factory/plant/mill/works/yard/workshop/foundry to work in/at a factory/plant/mill/yard/workshop/foundry factory/mill/foundry owners/managers/workers
  3. 3(often in compounds) a small machine for crushing or grinding a solid substance into powder a pepper mill see also run-of-the-mill, treadmill
  4. Idioms
    go through the mill, put somebody through the mill
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    to have or make someone have a difficult time They really put me through the mill in my interview.
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