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  1. 1move (toward/to something) move (to do something) an action that you do or need to do to achieve something This latest move by the government has aroused fierce opposition. The management has made no move to settle the strike. Getting a job in marketing was a good career move. see also false move
  2. change of position
  3. 2[usually singular] a change of place or position synonym movement Don't make a move! Every move was painful. She felt he was watching her every move.
  4. change of ideas/behavior
  5. 3move to/away from something a change in ideas, attitudes, or behavior synonym shift, trend There has been a move away from nuclear energy. The effects of the move back to written examinations are not known.
  6. change of house/job
  7. 4an act of changing the place where you live or work What's the date of your move? Their move from Italy to the U.S. has not been a success. Her new job is just a sideways move. He's played well since his move from the Yankees to the Red Sox.
  8. in board games
  9. 5an act of changing the position of a piece in chess or other games that are played on a board The game was over in only six moves. It's your move.
  10. Idioms
      be on the move
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    1. 1to be traveling from place to place With this job, I'm constantly on the move.
    2. 2to be moving; to be going somewhere The car was already on the move. The company is on the move to larger offices.
    3. 3= be on the go
    get a move on (informal)
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    you tell someone to get a move on when you want them to hurry
    make the first move
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    to do something before someone else, for example in order to end an argument or to begin something If he wants to see me, he should make the first move.
    make a, your, etc. move
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    to do the action that you intend to do or need to do in order to achieve something The rebels waited until nightfall before they made their move.
      make a move on somebody (informal)
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    1. 1to try to start a sexual relationship with someone
    2. 2(sport) to try to pass someone who is in front of you in a race
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