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    changing position
  1. 1[countable, uncountable] an act of moving the body or part of the body hand/eye movements She observed the gentle movement of his chest as he breathed. Loose clothing gives you greater freedom of movement. Power comes from the forward movement of the entire body. Troy watched her every movement. There was a sudden movement in the undergrowth.
  2. 2[countable, uncountable] an act of moving from one place to another or of moving something from one place to another enemy troop movements laws to allow free movement of goods and services the mass movement of herds of bison
  3. group of people
  4. 3[countable] a group of people who share the same ideas or aims the women's/peace movement the Romantic movement (= for example in literature) a mass movement for change Topic CollocationsPoliticspower create/form/be the leader of a political party gain/take/win/lose/regain control of Congress start/spark/lead/be on the brink of a revolution be engaged/locked in an internal power struggle lead/form a rival/breakaway faction seize/take control of power/the government bring down/overthrow/topple the government/president/regime abolish/overthrow/restore the monarchy establish/install a military dictatorship/a stable government be forced/removed/driven from office/power resign/step down as party leader/president/prime minister/governor/a senator enter/retire from/return to political lifepolitical debate spark/provoke a heated/hot/intense/lively debate engage in/participate in/contribute to (the) political/public debate (on/over something) get involved in/feel excluded from the political process launch/start/lead/spearhead a campaign/movement join/be linked with the peace/anti-war/feminist/civil rights movement criticize/speak out against/challenge/support the government lobby/put pressure on the government (to do something) come under fire/pressure from opposition partiespolicy call for/demand/propose/push for/advocate democratic/political/land reform(s) formulate/implement domestic economic policy change/influence/shape/have an impact on government/economic/public policy be consistent with/be in line with/go against/be opposed to government policy reform/restructure/modernize the tax system privatize/improve/deliver/make cuts in public services invest (heavily) in/spend something on schools/education/public services/(the) infrastructure nationalize the banks/the oil industry promise/propose/deliver/give ($80 billion in/significant/substantial/massive) tax cuts a/the budget is approved/passed by Congress/the House/the Senatemaking laws have a majority in/have seats in Congress/the House/the Senate propose/sponsor a bill/legislation/a resolution/an amendment introduce/bring in/draw up/draft/adopt/pass a bill/a law/a resolution/an amendment/legislation/measures amend/repeal an act/a law/legislation veto/vote against/oppose a bill/legislation/a measure/a proposal/a resolution get/require/be decided by a majority vote ⇨ more collocations at economy, vote
  5. person's activities
  6. 4movements [plural] a person's activities over a period of time, especially as watched by someone else The police are keeping a close watch on the suspect's movements.
  7. change of ideas/behavior
  8. 5[singular] movement (away from/towards something) a gradual change in what people in society do or think synonym trend a movement toward greater sexual equality
  9. progress
  10. 6[uncountable] movement (in something) progress, especially in a particular task It needs cooperation from all the countries to get any movement in arms control.
  11. change in amount
  12. 7[uncountable, countable] movement (in something) a change in amount There has been no movement in oil prices.
  13. music
  14. 8[countable] any of the main parts that a long piece of music is divided into the slow movement of the First Concerto
  15. of bowels
  16. 9[countable] (technology) = bowel movement
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