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  1. 1[countable] a series of moving pictures recorded with sound that tells a story, shown at the movie theater synonym film to make a horror movie Have you seen the latest Miyazaki movie? a famous movie director/star The movie was shot on location in Florida. see also road movie
  2. 2the movies [plural] when you go to the movies, you go to a movie theater to see a movie Let's go to the movies.
  3. 3the movies [plural] movies as an art or an industry I've always wanted to work in the movies.
Topic CollocationsThe Movieswatching go to/take somebody to (see) a movie go to/sit in the (movie) theater rent a movie/DVD download a movie/a video burn/copy/rip a DVD see/watch/stream a movie/DVD/video/preview/trailershowing show/screen a movie/a documentary promote/distribute/review a movie be out in theaters be released on/come out on/be out on DVD captivate/delight/grip/thrill the audience do well/badly at the box office get a lot of/live up to the hype/buzzfilmmaking write/co-write a movie/script/screenplay direct/produce/make/shoot/edit a movie/sequel/video make a romantic comedy/a thriller/an action movie do/work on a sequel/remake film/shoot the opening scene/an action sequence/footage (of something) compose/create/do/write the soundtrack cut/edit (out) a scene/sequenceacting have/get/do an audition get/have/play a leading/starring/cameo role/part play a character/Indiana Jones/the bad guy act in/appear in/star in a movie/remake do/perform/attempt a stunt work in/make it big in Hollywood forge/carve/make/pursue a career in Hollywooddescribing movies the camera pulls back/pans over something/zooms in (on something) the camera focuses on something/lingers on something shoot somebody/show somebody in extreme close-up use odd/unusual camera angles be filmed/shot on location/in a studio be set/take place in New York/in the '60s have a happy ending/plot twist
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