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    (also naïve) adjective
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  1. 1(disapproving) lacking knowledge, experience of life, or good judgment, and willing to believe that people always tell you the truth to be politically naive I can't believe you were so naive as to trust him! a naive question
  2. 2(approving) (of people and their behavior) innocent and simple synonym artless Their approach to life is refreshingly naive. compare sophisticated
  3. 3(technology) (of art) in a style which is deliberately very simple, often uses bright colors, and is similar to that produced by a child
(also naïvely) adverb I naively assumed that I would be paid for the work.
naiveté (also naïveté)
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, NAmE//naɪˈivteɪ//
noun [uncountable] They laughed at the naiveté of his suggestion. She has lost none of her naiveté. His work is a curious blend of sophistication and naiveté.
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