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    (nastier, nastiest)
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  1. 1very bad or unpleasant a nasty accident The news gave me a nasty shock. I had a nasty feeling that he would follow me. This coffee has a nasty taste.
  2. 2unkind; unpleasant synonym mean to make nasty remarks about someone the nastier side of her character to have a nasty temper Don't be so nasty to your brother. That was a nasty little trick. Life has a nasty habit of repeating itself.
  3. 3dangerous or serious a nasty bend (= dangerous for cars going fast) a nasty injury
  4. 4offensive; in bad taste to have a nasty mind nasty jokes
  5. Idioms
      get/turn nasty
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    1. 1to become threatening and violent You'd better do what he says or he'll turn nasty. After the game, things turned nasty and there were fights in the streets.
    2. 2to become bad or unpleasant It looks as though the weather is going to turn nasty again.
    leave a bad/nasty taste in the mouth
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    (of events or experiences) to make you feel disgusted or ashamed afterward
adverb “I hate you,” she said nastily.
noun [uncountable]
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