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    (neater, neatest)
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  1. 1clean and in order; carefully done or arranged a neat desk neat handwriting neat rows of books She was wearing a neat black suit. They sat in her neat and clean kitchen.
  2. 2(of people) liking to keep things clean and in order; having a clean appearance or doing things in an organized way Try and be neater! He had a neat methodical mind.
  3. 3small, with a pleasing shape or appearance synonym trim her neat figure The puppies' ears should be neat and in proportion to the head.
  4. 4simple but effective a neat explanation a neat solution to the problem
  5. 5(informal) good; excellent It's a really neat movie. We had a great time—it was pretty neat.
adverb neatly folded clothes The box fitted neatly into the drawer. She summarized her plan very neatly.
noun [uncountable]
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