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    (nicer, nicest)
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  1. 1pleasant, enjoyable, or attractive a nice day/smile/place nice weather Did you have a nice time? You look very nice. “Do you want to come, too?” “Yes,that would be nice.” The nicest thing about her is that she never criticizes us. nice (to do something) Nice to meet you! (= a friendly greeting when you meet someone for the first time) nice (doing something) It's been nice meeting you. nice (that…) It's nice that you can come with us. It would be nice if he moved to our neighborhood. We all had the flu last week—it wasn't very nice. It's nice to know that someone appreciates what I do.
  2. 2used before adjectives or adverbs to emphasize how pleasant something is a nice hot bath a nice long walk It was nice and warm yesterday. Everyone arrived nice and early. Nice and with another adjective cannot be used before a noun:a nice and quiet place.
  3. kind/friendly
  4. 3kind; friendly Our new neighbors are very nice. He's a really nice guy. nice to somebody Be nice to me. I'm not feeling well. nice of somebody (to do something) It was nice of them to invite us. nice about something I complained to the manager and he was very nice about it. I asked him in the nicest possible way to put his cigarette out. opposite nasty
  5. not nice
  6. 4(ironic) bad or unpleasant That's a nice thing to say! That's a nice way to speak to your mother!
  7. small details
  8. 5(formal) involving a very small detail or difference synonym subtle a nice point of law (= one that is difficult to decide)
  9. Idioms
    as nice as pie (informal)
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    very kind and friendly, especially when you are not expecting it
    have a nice day! (informal)
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    a friendly way of saying goodbye, especially to customers
    Mr. Nice Guy (informal)
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    a way of describing a man who is very honest and thinks about the wishes and feelings of other people I was tired of helping other people. From now on it was no more Mr. Nice Guy (= I would stop being pleasant and kind).
    nice work if you can get it (informal)
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    used when you wish that you had someone's success or good luck and think they have achieved it with little effort He was paid $200 for a ten-minute speech? Nice work if you can get it.
noun [uncountable] In some professions, niceness does not get you very far.
Vocabulary Buildingnice and very nice Instead of saying that something is nice or very nice, try to use more precise and interesting adjectives to describe things: pleasant/perfect/beautiful weather a cozy/a comfortable/an attractive room a pleasant/an interesting/an enjoyable experience expensive/fashionable/stylish clothes a kind/a charming/an interesting man The party was fun. In conversation, you can also use great, wonderful, and fantastic:The party was great. We had a fantastic weekend.
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