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  1. 1used to give a negative reply or statement Just say yes or no. “Are you ready?” “No, I'm not.” Sorry, the answer's no. “Another drink?” “No, thanks.” It's about 70—no, I'm wrong—80 miles from Rome. No! Don't touch it! It's hot. “It was Tony.” “No, you're wrong. It was Ted.” “It's not very good, is it?” “No, you're right, it isn't (= I agree).”
  2. 2used to express shock or surprise at what someone has said “She's had an accident.” “Oh, no!” “I'm leaving!” “No!”
  3. Idioms
    not take no for an answer
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    to refuse to accept that someone does not want something, will not do something, etc. You're coming and I won't take no for an answer!
    used when you cannot give a clear answer to a question “Are you enjoying it?” “Yes and no.”
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