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    [uncountable, singular] (abbreviation N., N, No.)
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  1. 1(also the north) the direction that is on your left when you watch the sun rise; one of the four main points of the compass Which way is north? cold winds coming from the north Mount Kenya is to the north of (= further north than) Nairobi. compare east, south, west see also magnetic north, true north
  2. 2 the north the northern part of a country, a region, or the world birds migrating from the north The temperature is much warmer in the north (= of the state) than in the south.
  3. 3 the North the northeastern states of the U.S. that fought against the South in the American Civil War
  4. 4 the North the richer and more developed countries of the world, especially in N. America and Europe
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