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  1. 1(often in compounds) a small hard fruit with a very hard shell that grows on some trees to crack a nut (= open it) a Brazil nut a hazelnut nuts and raisins
  2. 2a small piece of metal with a hole through the center that is screwed onto a bolt to hold pieces of wood, machinery, etc. together to tighten a nut a wing nut
  3. 3(informal) a strange or crazy person He's a complete nut, if you ask me. see also nuts, nutty
  4. 4(informal) (in compounds) a person who is extremely interested in a particular subject, activity, etc. a fitness/tennis/computer, etc. nut
  5. Idioms
    a hard/tough nut (informal)
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    a person who is difficult to deal with or to influence
    a hard/tough nut (to crack)
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    a difficult problem or situation to deal with
    the nuts and bolts (of something) (informal)
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    the basic practical details of a subject or an activity