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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they obstruct
    he / she / it obstructs
    past simple obstructed
    -ing form obstructing
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  1. 1obstruct something to block a road, an entrance, a passage, etc. so that someone or something cannot get through, see past, etc. You can't park here, you're obstructing my driveway. First check that the patient doesn't have an obstructed airway. The pillar obstructed our view of the stage.
  2. 2obstruct somebody/something to prevent someone or something from doing something or making progress, especially when this is done deliberately synonym hinder They were charged with obstructing the police in the course of duty. terrorists attempting to obstruct the peace process
  3. Idioms
    obstruct justice (law)
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    to tell a lie or to do something in order to prevent the police, etc. from finding out the truth about a crime
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