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  1. 1[countable] a job or profession Please state your name, age, and occupation below. Thesaurusworkemployment career profession occupation tradeThese are all words for the work that someone does in return for payment, especially over a long period of the job that someone does, especially in order to earn money:It's very difficult to find work at the moment. He's been out of work for months.employment (somewhat formal) work, especially when it is done to earn money; the state of being employed or the situation in which people have work:The company has employment opportunities right the job or series of jobs that someone has in a particular area of work, usually involving more responsibility as time passes:She had a very distinguished career in medicine.profession a type of job that needs special training or skill, especially one that needs a high level of education:He hopes to enter the medical profession. The profession is all the people who work in a particular profession:the legal profession. The professions is an old-fashioned term for the traditional jobs that need a high level of education and training, such as being a doctor or lawyer.occupation (somewhat formal) a job or profession:Please state your name, age, and a job, especially one that involves working with your hands and requires special training and skills:Carpentry is a highly skilled trade.Patterns (a) full-time/part-time work/employment/career/occupation permanent/temporary work/employment (a) well-paid work/employment/profession/occupation (a) low-paid work/employment/occupation to look for/seek/find/have work/employment/a career/an occupation to get/obtain/give somebody/offer somebody/create/generate/provide work/employment
  2. 2[countable] the way in which you spend your time, especially when you are not working Her main occupation seems to be shopping.
  3. 3[uncountable] the act of moving into a country, town, etc. and taking control of it using military force; the period of time during which a country, town, etc. is controlled in this way the Roman occupation of Britain The areas under occupation contained major industrial areas. occupation forces
  4. 4[uncountable] (formal) the act of living in or using a building, room, piece of land, etc. The offices will be ready for occupation in June. The following applies only to tenants in occupation after January 1, 2010. The level of owner occupation (= people owning their homes) has increased rapidly in the last 30 years.
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