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    , NAmE//ˈɑfər//
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  1. 1an act of saying that you are willing to do something for someone or give something to someone offer (of something) Thank you for your kind offer of help. I took him up on his offer of a loan. You can't just turn down offers of work like that. an offer of marriage to accept/refuse/decline an offer offer to do something I accepted her offer to pay.
  2. 2offer (for something) an amount of money that someone is willing to pay for something I've had an offer of $2,500 for the car. They decided to accept our original offer. The offer has been withdrawn. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The original price was $3,000, but I'm open to offers (= willing to consider offers that are less than that). see also obo
  3. 3a reduction in the normal price of something, usually for a short period of time This special offer is valid until the end of the month. See next week's issue for details of more free offers.
  4. Idioms that can be bought, used, etc. The following is a list of courses currently on offer. Over 50 wines are on offer, many by the glass.
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