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  1. 1a container, usually made of paper, that holds a number of the same things or an amount of something, ready to be sold a pack of cigarettes/gum You can buy the envelopes in packs of ten. compare package, packet, six-pack
  2. set
  3. 2a set of different things that are supplied together for a particular purpose Send for your free information pack today.
  4. things tied for carrying
  5. 3a number of things that are wrapped or tied together, especially for carrying donkeys carrying packs of wool (figurative) Everything she told us is a pack of lies (= a story that is completely false).
  6. large bag
  7. 4a large bag that you carry on your back We passed a group of walkers, carrying huge packs. see also backpack
  8. of animals
  9. 5a group of animals that hunt together or are kept for hunting packs of savage dogs wolves hunting in packs a pack of hounds
  10. of people
  11. 6a group of similar people or things, especially one that you do not like or approve of We avoided a pack of journalists waiting outside. He's the leader of the pack. Of all the newspapers, this one is the worst of the pack.
  12. 7all the people who are behind the leaders in a race, competition, etc. measures aimed at keeping the company ahead of the pack
  13. of cards
  14. 8= deck
  15. of Cub Scouts/Brownies
  16. 9an organized group of Cub Scouts or brownies to join a Brownie pack
  17. for wound
  18. 10a hot or cold piece of soft material that absorbs liquid, used for treating a wound see also ice pack, mud pack
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