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  1. 1(abbreviation p.) one side or both sides of a sheet of paper in a book, magazine, etc. Turn to page 64. Someone has torn a page out of this book. a blank/new page the sports/financial pages of the newspaper on the opposite/facing page over the page (= on the next page) see also front page, full-page, Yellow Pages
  2. 2a section of data or information that can be shown on a computer screen at any one time see also home page
  3. 3(literary) an important event or period of history a glorious page of Arab history
  4. 4= pageboy
  5. 5a student who works as an assistant to a member of the U.S. Congress
  6. 6(in the Middle Ages) a boy or young man who worked for a knight while training to be a knight himself
  7. Idioms
    on the same page
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    if two or more people or groups are on the same page, they agree about what they are trying to achieve Are employers and employees on the same page when it comes to retirement benefits? It was an effort to get us all on the same page.
    the printed word/page
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    what is published in books, newspapers, etc. the power of the printed word
    take a page/leaf from/out of somebody's book
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    to copy someone's behavior and do things in the same way that they do, because they are successful synonym em‧u‧late
    turn the page
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    to begin doing things in a different way and thinking in a more positive way after a period of difficulties It's time to turn the page and make a fresh start. He turned the page on that chapter in his life a long time ago.
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