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  1. 1(in golf) the number of strokes a good player should need to complete a course or to hit the ball into a particular hole a par five hole Par for the course is 72. She went around the course in three under (= three strokes less than) par.
  2. 2(also par value) (business) the value that a share in a company had originally to be redeemed at par
  3. Idioms
    below/under par
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    less well, good, etc. than is usual or expected I may take tomorrow off if I'm still feeling under par. Teaching in some subjects has been well below par.
    be par for the course (disapproving)
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    to be just what you would expect to happen or expect someone to do in a particular situation synonym norm Starting early and working long hours is par for the course in this job.
    on a par with somebody/something
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    as good, bad, important, etc. as someone or something else
    as good as usual or as good as it should be I didn't think her performance was up to par.
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