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    , NAmE//ˌpærəˈnɔɪɪk//
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  1. 1afraid or suspicious of other people and believing that they are trying to harm you, in a way that is not reasonable She's getting really paranoid about what other people say about her. Thesaurusafraidscared frightened terrified alarmed paranoidThese words all describe feeling or showing fear.afraid [not before noun] feeling fear; worried that something bad might happen:There's nothing to be afraid of. Aren't you afraid (that) you'll fall?scared feeling fear; worried that something bad might happen:The thieves got scared and ran away. She was scared that the glass would break.frightened feeling fear; worried that something bad might happen:a frightened childafraid, scared, or frightened?Scared is more informal, more common in speech, and often describes small fears. Afraid cannot come before a noun. It can only take the preposition of, not about. If you are afraid/scared/frightened of something, or afraid/scared/frightened to do something, you think you are in danger of being hurt or suffering in some way. If you are scared/frightened about something, it is less a fear for your personal safety and more a worry that something unpleasant might happen.terrified very frightened:I was terrified (that) she might follow me. She looked at him with wide, terrified eyes. I was terrified of flying.alarmed afraid that something dangerous or unpleasant might happen:She was alarmed at the prospect of traveling alone.paranoid (somewhat informal) afraid or suspicious in a way that is not reasonable:You're just being paranoid.Patterns afraid/scared/frightened/terrified of spiders, etc. scared/frightened/paranoid about afraid/scared/frightened/terrified that afraid/scared/frightened to open the door, etc. Don't be afraid/scared/frightened/alarmed.
  2. 2suffering from a mental illness in which you wrongly believe that other people are trying to harm you or that you are very important paranoid delusions paranoid schizophrenia a paranoid killer
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