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    (pl. people
    , persons)
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  1. 1a human as an individual What sort of person would do a thing like that? He's a fascinating person. What is she like as a person? He's just the person we need for the job. I had a letter from the people who used to live next door. I'm not really a city person (= I don't really like cities). Use everyone or everybody instead of “all people.” see also people person
  2. 2(formal or disapproving) a human, especially one who is not identified A certain person (= somebody that I do not wish to name) told me about it. The price is $40 per person. This vehicle is licensed to carry 4 persons. (= on a notice) (law) The verdict was murder by a person or persons unknown. see also VIP
  3. 3-person (in compounds) a person working in the area of business mentioned; a person concerned with the thing mentioned a salesperson a spokesperson
  4. 4(grammar) any of the three classes of personal pronouns. The first person (I/we) refers to the person(s) speaking; the second person (you) refers to the person(s) spoken to; the third person (he/she/it/they) refers to the person(s) or thing(s) spoken about.
  5. Idioms
    about/on your person
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    if you have or carry something about/on your person, you carry it about with you, for example in your pocket Relatives of the dead man were traced through an address found on his person.
    be no respecter of persons
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    to treat everyone in the same way, without being influenced by their importance, wealth, etc. Death is no respecter of persons.
    if you do something in person, you go somewhere and do it yourself, instead of doing it by mail, asking someone else to do it, etc. He had to pick up his welfare check in person.
    in the person of somebody (formal)
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    in the form or shape of someone Help arrived in the person of his mother. The firm has an important asset in the person of the sales director.
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