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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they persuade
    he / she / it persuades
    past simple persuaded
    -ing form persuading
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  1. 1to make someone do something by giving them good reasons for doing it persuade somebody to do something Try to persuade him to come. persuade somebody Please try and persuade her. She's always easily persuaded. I'm sure he'll come with a bit of persuading. persuade somebody into something/into doing something I allowed myself to be persuaded into entering the competition.
  2. 2to make someone believe that something is true synonym convince persuade somebody/yourself that… It will be difficult to persuade them that there's no other choice. She had persuaded herself that life was not worth living. persuade somebody No one was persuaded by his arguments. persuade somebody of something (formal) I am still not fully persuaded of the plan's merits.
Which Word?persuade / convince The main meaning of persuade is to make someone agree to do something by giving them good reasons for doing it:I tried to persuade her to see a doctor.The main meaning of convince is to make someone believe that something is true:He convinced me that he was right. It is quite common, however, for each of these words to be used with both meanings, especially for convince to be used as a synonym for persuade:I persuaded/convinced her to see a doctor.
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