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pick out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs

    pick somebody/somethingout

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  1. 1to choose someone or something carefully from a group of people or things synonym select She was picked out from dozens of applicants for the job. He picked out the ripest peach for me.
  2. 2to recognize someone or something from among other people or things See if you can pick me out in this photo. We couldn't pick out any familiar landmarks.

    pick somethingout

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  1. 1to play a tune on a musical instrument slowly without using written music He picked out the tune on the piano with one finger.
  2. 2to discover or recognize something after careful study Read the play again and pick out the major themes.
  3. 3to make something easy to see or hear a sign painted yellow, with the lettering picked out in black The car lights picked out a cat running across the road.
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