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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they picture
    he / she / it pictures
    past simple pictured
    -ing form picturing
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  1. 1to imagine someone or something; to create an image of someone or something in your mind picture somebody/something I can still picture the house I grew up in. picture somebody/something as something We found it hard to picture him as the father of teenage sons. picture somebody/something doing something When he did not come home she pictured him lying dead on the roadside somewhere. picture what, how, etc… I tried to picture what it would be like to live alone.
  2. describe
  3. 2[often passive] picture somebody/something as something to describe or present someone or something in a particular way synonym portray Before the trial Liz had been pictured as a frail woman dominated by her husband.
  4. show in photograph
  5. 3[usually passive] to show someone or something in a photograph or picture picture somebody/something (+ adv./prep/adj.) She is pictured here with her parents. picture somebody/something doing something The team is pictured setting off on their European tour.
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