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  1. 1(also hog) an animal with pink, black, or brown skin, short legs, a broad nose, and a short tail which curls around itself. Pigs are kept on farms for their meat (calledpork) or live in the wild a pig farmer Pigs were grunting and squealing in the yard. see also boar, guinea pig, piglet, sow2, swine
  2. 2(informal) (disapproving) an unpleasant or offensive person; a person who is dirty or greedy Arrogant pig! Don't be such a pig! The greedy pig's eaten all the cookies! She made a pig of herself with the ice cream (= ate too much). He's a real male chauvinist pig (= a man who does not think women are equal to men).
  3. 3(slang) an offensive word for a police officer
  4. Idioms
    (buy) a pig in a poke
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    if you buy a pig in a poke, you buy something without seeing it or knowing if it is good enough Buying from a catalog can mean buying a pig in a poke.
    when pigs fly (ironic) (saying)
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    used to show that you do not believe something will ever happen “With any luck, we'll be finished tomorrow.” “Yeah, when pigs fly!”
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