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    in baseball
  1. 1[countable] an act of throwing the ball; the way in which it is thrown Thesaurusthrowtoss hurl fling chuck lob pitchThese words all mean to send something from your hand through the air.throw to send something from your hand or hands through the air:Some kids were throwing rocks at the window. She threw the ball and he caught it.toss to throw something lightly or carelessly:She tossed her jacket onto the bed.hurl to throw something violently in a particular direction:Rioters hurled a brick through the car's windshield.fling to throw something somewhere with a lot of force, especially because you are angry or in a hurry:She flung the letter down onto the table.chuck (informal) to throw something carelessly:I chucked him the keys.lob (informal) to throw something so that it goes high through the air:She lobbed the ball over the net.pitch (in baseball) to throw the ball to the batterPatterns to throw/toss/hurl/fling/chuck/lob/pitch something at/to somebody/something to throw/toss/fling/chuck something aside/away to throw/toss/hurl/fling/chuck/lob/pitch a ball to throw/toss/hurl/fling/chuck rocks/a brick to throw/toss/hurl/fling something angrily to throw/toss something casually/carelessly
  2. to sell something
  3. 2[countable, usually singular] talk or arguments used by a person trying to sell things or persuade people to do something an aggressive sales pitch the candidate's campaign pitch Each company was given ten minutes to make its pitch.
  4. of sound
  5. 3[singular, uncountable] how high or low a sound is, especially a musical note A basic sense of rhythm and pitch is essential in a music teacher. see also perfect pitch
  6. degree/strength
  7. 4[singular, uncountable] the degree or strength of a feeling or activity; the highest point of something a frenetic pitch of activity Speculation has reached such a pitch that a decision will have to be made immediately.
  8. black substance
  9. 5[uncountable] a black sticky substance made from oil or coal, used on roofs or the wooden boards of a ship to stop water from coming through
  10. of ship/aircraft
  11. 6[uncountable] (technology) the movement of a ship up and down in the water or of an aircraft in the air compare roll
  12. of roof
  13. 7[singular, uncountable] (technology) the degree to which a roof slopes
  14. Idioms
    make a pitch for somebody/something, make a pitch to somebody
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    to make a determined effort to get something or to persuade someone of something He made a pitch to black voters in Alabama.
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