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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they pour
    he / she / it pours
    past simple poured
    -ing form pouring
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  1. 1[transitive] pour something (+ adv./prep.) to make a liquid or other substance flow from a container in a continuous stream, especially by holding the container at an angle Pour the sauce over the pasta. She poured boiling water down the sink. Although I poured it carefully, I still spilled some. Pour away as much fat as possible from the roasting pan.
  2. 2[intransitive] + adv./prep. (of liquid, smoke, light, etc.) to flow quickly in a continuous stream Tears poured down his cheeks. Thick black smoke was pouring out of the roof. Blood was pouring from the wound. The sweat was pouring off her. Light poured in.
  3. 3[transitive, intransitive] to serve a drink by letting it flow from a container into a cup or glass pour (something) Will you pour the coffee? Should I pour? pour something out I was in the kitchen, pouring out drinks. pour something for somebody I poured a cup of tea for you. pour somebody something I poured you a cup of tea.
  4. 4[intransitive, transitive] when rain pours down or when it's pouring rain, rain is falling heavily pour (down) The rain continued to pour down. It's pouring outside. pour rain It's pouring rain.
  5. 5[intransitive] + adv./prep. to come or go somewhere continuously in large numbers synonym flood Letters of complaint continue to pour in. Commuters came pouring out of the station.
  6. Idioms
    pour/throw cold water on something
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    to give reasons for not being in favor of something; to criticize something She immediately poured cold water on his plans to expand the business.
    pour out/open your heart to somebody
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    to tell someone all your problems, feelings, etc.
    pour/heap scorn on somebody/something
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    to speak about someone or something in a way that shows that you do not respect them or have a good opinion of them
    when it rains, it pours (saying)
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    used to say that when one bad thing happens to you, other bad things happen soon after
    Phrasal Verbspour something into somethingpour outpour somethingout
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