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    action not ideas
  1. 1[uncountable] action rather than ideas the theory and practice of teaching She's determined to put her new ideas into practice.
  2. way of doing something
  3. 2[uncountable, countable] a way of doing something that is the usual or expected way in a particular organization or situation common/current/standard practice guidelines for good practice a review of pay and working practices religious practices child care policy and practice see also best practice, code of practice
  4. habit/custom
  5. 3[countable] a thing that is done regularly; a habit or a custom the American practice of giving workers two weeks of vacation a year It is his practice to read several books a week.
  6. for improving skill
  7. 4[uncountable] training or doing an activity regularly so that you can improve your skill; the time you spend doing this English conversation practice It takes a lot of practice to play the violin well. There's basketball practice every Wednesday night. She does an hour of piano practice every day.
  8. of doctor/lawyer
  9. 5[uncountable, countable] the work or the business of some professional people such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers; the place where they work the practice of medicine Students should have prior experience of veterinary practice. My lawyer is no longer in practice. a successful medical/dental/law practice see also family practice, general practice, group practice, private practice
  10. Idioms
    be/get/out of practice
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    to be/become less good at doing something than you were because you have not spent time doing it recently Don't ask me to speak French! I'm out of practice.
    in practice
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    in reality Prisoners have legal rights, but in practice these rights are not always respected.
    practice makes perfect (saying)
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    a way of encouraging people by telling them that if you do an activity regularly and try to improve your skill, you will become very good at it
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