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  1. 1if something is predictable, you know in advance that it will happen or what it will be like a predictable result The ending of the book was totally predictable. The disease follows a highly predictable pattern. In March and April, the weather is much less predictable. AWL Collocationspredictpredict verbaccurately, correctly, confidently, reliablyEven very sophisticated computer models cannot accurately predict the course of a storm.impossible to, difficult toThere are always events, such as political or natural disasters, that are impossible to predict and that affect the economy.outcome future behavior likelihood, probabilityHistorians are better at reading the past than predicting the future. The computer model uses data from midsummer winds to predict the likelihood of hurricanes striking the United States later in the season.hypothesis, model, theory analyst, economist, expert, forecasterThe hypothesis predicts that fathers who come from families that were more nurturing will have stronger attitudes about predicted byAs predicted by previous research, dark-colored roof surfaces were shown to be absorbing solar radiation.prediction noundire accurate testable theoretical qualitative, quantitativeDire predictions were made about the fate of the Antarctic ecosystem. These results support the theoretical predictions. Ecologists often need to make quantitative predictions about how animal and plant populations will change.test confirm, validate, verify contradict makeThe results confirm the prediction and support the consistent with be inconsistent withThese results are consistent with our initial predictions. This finding is inconsistent with the predictions of the traditional model.predictable adjectivefairly perfectlyHistorically, water levels in the swamp rose and fell in a fairly predictable pattern.unpredictable adjectivetotally somewhat inherentlyChile faces increasing and somewhat unpredictable regional competition from Argentina and Brazil.
  2. 2(often disapproving) behaving or happening in a way that you would expect, and therefore boring He's very nice, but I find him a little dull and predictable. Rock music is getting so predictable these days.
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noun [uncountable] Many young offenders commit further crimes with alarming predictability.
adverb Prices were predictably high. Predictably, the new regulations proved unpopular.
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