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    plan /course of study
  1. 1a plan of things that will be done or included in the development of something to launch a research program a training program for new staff a program of economic reform
  2. 2a course of study a school program
  3. for computer
  4. 3(computing) a set of instructions in code that control the operations or functions of a computer Load the program into the computer.
  5. on TV/radio
  6. 4something that people watch on television or listen to on the radio a news program Did you see that program about the space lab last night? What time is that program on? Which program do you want to watch? Topic CollocationsTelevisionwatching watch television/TV/a show/a program/a documentary/a pilot/a rerun/a repeat see an ad/a commercial/the news/the weather catch/miss a show/a program/an episode/the news pick up/reach for/grab/lose the remote (control) change channels surf (through)/flip through the channels sit in front of/turn on/turn off the television/the TV/the TV set have/install satellite (TV)/cable (TV)/a satellite dishshowing show a program/a documentary/an ad/a commercial/a prime-time sitcom/drama run an ad/a commercial/a movie broadcast/air/repeat a show/a program/a documentary/an episode/a series go out/air/be recorded live attract/draw (in)/pull (in) viewers be a hit with viewers/audiences/critics get (low/high) ratingsappearing be on/appear on television/TV/a TV show take part in a call-in/a game show/a quiz show/a reality TV show host a show/a program/a series/a game show/a quiz show/a (late-night/daytime) talk show be/become/work as a talk-show host/sports commentator/news anchor present the news appear/perform live (on TV)program-making do/film/make a show/a program/a documentary/an episode/a pilot/a series/an ad/a commercial work on a soap (opera)/a pilot (episode)/a sitcom write/produce a drama/sitcom/spin-off/comedy series
  7. for play/concert
  8. 5a thin book or a piece of paper that gives you information about a play, a concert, etc. a theater program
  9. order of events
  10. 6an organized order of performances or events an exciting musical program a week-long program of lectures What's the program for (= What are we going to do) tomorrow?
  11. of machine
  12. 7a series of actions done by a machine, such as a washing machine Select a cool program for woolen clothes.
  13. Idioms
    get with the program (informal)
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    (usually in orders) used to tell someone that they should change their attitude and do what they are supposed to be doing
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