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    , NAmE//ˈprɑdʒɪkt//
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    planned work
  1. 1a planned piece of work that is designed to find information about something, to produce something new, or to improve something a research project a building project to set up a project to computerize the library system
  2. school/college work
  3. 2a piece of work involving careful study of a subject over a period of time, done by school or college students a history project More emphasis is being placed on collaborative project work at all levels of schooling.
  4. set of aims/activities
  5. 3a set of aims, ideas, or activities that someone is interested in or wants to bring to people's attention The party attempted to assemble its aims into a focused political project.
  6. housing
  7. 4[usually plural] = housing project Going into the projects alone is dangerous.
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