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  1. 1[countable] an act of breathing in something such as smoke from a cigarette, or drugs He had a few puffs at the cigar. Take two puffs from the inhaler every four hours.
  2. 2[countable] a small amount of air, smoke, etc. that is blown from somewhere a puff of wind She felt a puff of warm air on her face. Puffs of white smoke came from the chimney. Any chance of success seemed to vanish in a puff of smoke (= to disappear quickly).
  3. 3[countable] a hollow light pastry that is filled with cream, jelly, etc. see also cream puff
  4. 4(also puff piece) [countable] (informal) (usually disapproving) a piece of writing or speech that praises someone or something too much The press is full of puffs for his new movie. see also powder puff
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