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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they punch
    he / she / it punches
    past simple punched
    -ing form punching
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  1. 1to hit someone or something hard with your fist (= closed hand) punch somebody/something He was kicked and punched as he lay on the ground. He was punching the air in triumph. punch somebody/something in/on something She punched him on the nose.
  2. 2punch something (in/through something) to make a hole in something with a punch or some other sharp object punch something to punch a time card punch something in/through something The machine punches a row of holes in the metal sheet.
  3. 3punch something to press buttons or keys on a computer, telephone, etc. in order to operate it I punched the button to summon the elevator.
    noun He's one of boxing's strongest punchers.
  5. Idioms
    pick/poke/punch holes in something
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    to find the weak points in something such as a plan, suggestion, etc. It was easy to pick holes in his arguments.
    punch above your weight
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    to be or try to be more successful than others in doing something that normally requires more skill, experience, money, etc. than you have This player seems to be able to constantly punch above his weight. He punched above his weight as the party's foreign affairs spokesman.
    Phrasal Verbspunch in/outpunch somethinginpunch somebody outpunch somethingout
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