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put down

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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put somebodydown

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to make someone look or feel stupid, especially in front of other people related noun put-down

    put somethingdown

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  1. 1to stop holding something and place it on a table, shelf, etc. Put that knife down before you hurt somebody! It's a great book.I couldn't put it down. see also unputdownable
  2. 2to write something; to make a note of something The meeting's on the 22nd. Put it down in your calendar.
  3. 3to pay part of the cost of something We put a 5% deposit down on the house.
  4. 4to stop something by force synonym crush to put down a rebellion The military government is determined to put down all opposition.
  5. 5[often passive] to kill an animal, usually by giving it a drug, because it is old or sick We had to have our cat put down.
  6. 6to put a baby to bed Can you be quiet—I've just put the baby down.
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