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    female ruler
  1. 1the female ruler of an independent state that has a royal family to be crowned queen kings and queens the Queen of Norway Queen Victoria
  2. 2(also queen consort) the wife of a king
  3. best in group
  4. 3queen (of something) a woman, place, or thing that is thought to be one of the best in a particular group or area the queen of fashion a movie queen Venice, queen of the Adriatic
  5. at festival
  6. 4a woman or girl chosen to perform official duties at a festival or celebration the queen of the annual Artichoke Festival a homecoming queen see also beauty queen
  7. in chess
  8. 5the most powerful piece used in the game of chess that can move any number of squares in any direction
  9. in cards
  10. 6a playing card with the picture of a queen on it
  11. insect
  12. 7a large female insect that lays eggs for the whole group a queen bee
  13. Idioms
    the uncrowned king/queen (of something)
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    the person considered to be the best, most famous, or most successful in a particular place or area of activity