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    (quieter, quietest)
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  1. 1making very little noise her quiet voice a quieter, more efficient engine Could you keep the kids quiet while I'm on the phone? He got very quiet (= did not say much) so I knew he was upset. “Be quiet,” said the teacher. She crept downstairs (as) quiet as a mouse.
  2. 2without many people or much noise or activity a quiet street They lead a quiet life. Business is usually quieter at this time of year. They had a quiet wedding. The hotel is in a quiet location near the sea. a quiet sea
  3. 3not disturbed; peaceful to have a quiet drink I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home.
  4. 4(of a person) tending not to talk very much She was quiet and shy.
  5. 5(of a feeling or an attitude) definite but not expressed in an obvious way He had an air of quiet authority.
    adverb to speak/move quietly I spent a few hours quietly relaxing. He is quietly confident that they can succeed (= he is confident, but he is not talking about it too much). a quietly-spoken woman
    noun [uncountable] the quietness of the countryside His quietness worried her.
  8. Idioms
    keep quiet about something, keep something quiet
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     to say nothing about something; to keep something secret I've decided to resign, but I'd like you to keep quiet about it. This story is too big to be kept quiet.
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