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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they reclaim
    he / she / it reclaims
    past simple reclaimed
    -ing form reclaiming
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  1. 1to get something back or to ask to have it back after it has been lost, taken away, etc. reclaim something You'll have to go to the police station to reclaim your wallet. reclaim something from somebody/something The team reclaimed the title from their rivals.
  2. 2reclaim something (from something) to make land that is naturally either too wet or too dry suitable to be built on, farmed, etc. The site for the airport will be reclaimed from the swamp. reclaimed marshland
  3. 3[usually passive] reclaim something if a piece of land is reclaimed by desert, forest, etc., it turns back into desert, etc. after being used for farming or building
  4. 4reclaim something (from something) to obtain materials from waste products so that they can be used again 80% of aluminum could be reclaimed. see also recycle
  5. 5reclaim somebody (from something) to rescue someone from a bad or criminal way of life
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noun [uncountable] land reclamation
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