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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they redeem
    he / she / it redeems
    past simple redeemed
    -ing form redeeming
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  1. 1redeem somebody/something to make someone or something seem less bad synonym compensate The excellent acting wasn't enough to redeem a weak plot. The only redeeming feature of the job (= good thing about it) is the salary. She seems to have no redeeming qualities (= good aspects of her character) at all.
  2. 2redeem yourself to do something to improve the opinion that people have of you, especially after you have done something bad He has a chance to redeem himself after last week's mistakes.
  3. 3redeem somebody to save someone from the power of evil Christians believe that Jesus Christ came to redeem us from sin.
  4. 4redeem something to pay the full sum of money that you owe someone; to pay a debt to redeem a loan/mortgage
  5. 5redeem something to exchange something such as shares or vouchers for money or goods This voucher can be redeemed at any of our branches.
  6. 6redeem something to get back a valuable object from someone by paying them back the money you borrowed from them in exchange for the object He was able to redeem his watch from the pawnshop.
  7. 7redeem a pledge/promise (formal) to do what you promised you would do
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