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    , NAmE//ˌrihəˈbɪləˌteɪt//
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they rehabilitate
    he / she / it rehabilitates
    past simple rehabilitated
    -ing form rehabilitating
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  1. 1rehabilitate somebody to help someone to have a normal, useful life again after they have been very sick or in prison for a long time a unit for rehabilitating drug addicts
  2. 2rehabilitate somebody (as something) to begin to consider that someone is good or acceptable after a long period during which they were considered bad or unacceptable He played a major role in rehabilitating Magritte as an artist.
  3. 3rehabilitate something to return a building or an area to its previous good condition Billions of dollars are being spent on rehabilitating inner-city areas.
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, NAmE//ˌrihəˌbɪləˈteɪʃn//
noun [uncountable] a drug rehabilitation center the rehabilitation of the steel industry
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