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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they reject
    he / she / it rejects
    past simple rejected
    -ing form rejecting
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  1. 1reject something to refuse to accept or consider something to reject an argument/a claim/a decision/an offer/a suggestion The boss rejected any idea of reforming the system. The proposal was firmly rejected. All our suggestions were rejected out of hand.
  2. someone for job
  3. 2reject somebody to refuse to accept someone for a job, position, etc. Voters rejected the hard-line candidates. I've been rejected by all the universities I applied to.
  4. not use/publish
  5. 3reject something to decide not to use, sell, publish, etc. something because its quality is not good enough Imperfect articles are rejected by our quality control.
  6. new organ
  7. 4reject something (of the body) to not accept a new organ after a transplant operation, by producing substances that attack the organ Her body has already rejected two kidneys.
  8. not love
  9. 5reject somebody/something to fail to give a person or an animal enough care or affection The lioness rejected the smallest cub, which died. When her husband left home, she felt rejected and useless.
  10. NAmE//rɪˈdʒɛkʃn//
    noun [uncountable, countable] Her proposal met with unanimous rejection. a rejection letter (= a letter in which you are told, for example, that you have not been accepted for a job) painful feelings of rejection
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