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  1. 1relations [plural] the way in which two people, groups, or countries behave toward each other or deal with each other diplomatic/international/foreign relations U.S.-Chinese relations teacher-student relations relation (with somebody/something) Relations with neighboring countries have become strained. relation (between A and B) We seek to improve relations between our two countries. (formal) to have sexual relations (= to have sex) Topic CollocationsInternational Relationstrade facilitate/regulate trade (with other countries) form/join a trading bloc live in/compete in a global/the world economy support/promote free trade adopt/call for/oppose protectionist measures erect/impose/reduce/remove trade barriers impose/lift/raise/eliminate import tariffs (on something) have/run a huge/large/growing trade surplus/deficit embrace/resist/drive globalizationpolitics and law handle/talk about/discuss foreign policy pursue an aggressive/a hawkish foreign policy require/use/conduct diplomacy establish/break off/sever/restore diplomatic relations/ties foster/promote/strengthen regional cooperation facilitate/achieve economic/political integration exercise/defend/protect/transfer/restore/regain national/state/full/limited sovereignty consolidate/extend/lose/retain your power (in the region) hold/maintain/change/alter/shift the balance of power (in the region) cause/create/open/expose/heal/repair a deep/growing/major/serious rift between X and Ymeetings and agreements have/hold/host/attend an international conference/an economic forum/a G20 summit lead/launch a new round of global/multilateral/world trade negotiations send/head/lead/meet a high-level/an official/a trade delegation facilitate/begin/start/continue/resume peace talks be committed to/be opposed to/disrupt/undermine/derail/sabotage the peace process negotiate/achieve a lasting political settlement broker/sign a peace deal/agreement/treatyconflict be/constitute/pose a threat to global security compromise/endanger/protect national security justify/be in favor of/support/be against/oppose military intervention threaten/authorize/launch/take/support/oppose unilateral/preemptive military action impose/enforce/lift/end economic sanctions/an arms embargo/a naval blockade close/protect/secure/patrol the border lead/be involved in a peacekeeping operationaid negotiate/announce a $15 billion aid package/an economic stimulus package send/provide/request/cut off military aid bring/provide emergency/humanitarian relief deliver/distribute medical supplies/food supplies fund/run a foreign/a local/an international NGO reduce/eradicate/combat/fight child/global/world poverty see also industrial relations, public relations, race relations
  2. 2[uncountable, countable] the way in which two or more things are connected relation between A and B the relation between rainfall and crop yields relation to something the relation of the farmer to the land The fee they are offering bears no relation to the amount of work involved. (formal) I have some comments to make in relation to (= concerning) this matter. Its brain is small in relation to (= compared with) its body. Little of what he said has any relation to fact.
  3. 3[countable] a person who is in the same family as someone else synonym relative a close/near/distant relation of mine a relation by marriage a party for friends and relations He's called Brady too, but we're no relation (= not related). Is he any relation to you? see also blood relation, poor relation
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